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Why I don't offer updates and support further more

If we humans wants to live in harmony and prosperity, we have to share what we have and we have to serve each other. Since I want to live in love and harmony, I offered MySQL-Front five years without any license or fee.

Today I try not to accept licenses or contracts of other people. Because of this, I don't have an internet access. And without an internet access, I can't update and support MySQL-Front further more.

Maybe I'm the only human on earth, who want's to live in love and harmony - without laws and contracts. Nevertheless I will go ahead this way. Maybe I will die, if no other people supports my way. But is Ok for me, since love is more important for me, than my live. That's the reason, why I don't support any kind of egoithm: Laws and contracts are the opposite of love.

My way of live, I describe here (in German). I've asked the main local internet providers to get an internet access for my work with MySQL-Front - without any response.

I'm very said not to be able to provide this project further more, since I loved that work. But today there are several equal projects available. I suggest the usage of HeidiSQL or EMS SQL Manager.